McGraw TV

The McGraw TV show is the benchmark in real estate marketing, the most effective advertising tool for businesses in home related industries, and the most watched home show in Green Country.


Our mission is to showcase homes that are for sale in the market today and provide interesting and entertaining information about how to make your home living better.


McGraw TV has been successfully reaching interested home buyers for over 8 years.  In partnership with Green Countries largest real estate firm, McGraw Realtors, we have had over 8000 home listings on our show since its premiere in June 2002 and expanded from a half hour show to a full hour.  We use what we call "Entertainment Advertising" to connect to our advertiser's audience.

Dedication To Our Sponsors

Not only do we place your message in front of thousands of potential customers each weekend, we partner with you to help craft that message.  McGraw TV provides a unique opportunity to work with an award winning film and video production team that is soley focused on producing custom and effective creative for all of our sponsors.  When you partner with McGraw TV, you will have an entire creative staff working to help you build your customer base.

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